"Big Daddy"  DON GARLITS  Swamp Rat 1B
Limited Edition
1:43 SCALE
1959 World Speed Record
182:56 mph 8.48 sec
A fabulous quality as always from GMP this is a scale model
extremely detailed replica of Big Daddy, Don Garlits, Swamp
Rat 1B, design used are under license from Don Garlits and
the Museum of Drag Racing, Ocala, Florida.
In the summer of 1959, Don installed a super charger(blower)on his dragster after he
learned the drivers at the First Bakersfield Fuel & Gas Meet were using them to blow off the
competition. With this new addition Don continued to win and went on to break another
record in Houston, TX with a top speed of 182.56 mph. This was one week before Don was
badly burned on his face and hands when the engine blew up during a run in Chester, SC
Price: $50
Price: $50
Highly Detailed Die -Cast Models for the Adult Collector
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