"Big Daddy"  DON GARLITS  Swamp Rat 3
Limited Edition
1:43 SCALE
Swamp Rat III
Built by Don Garlits and driven by Connie Swingle set a
1961 World Record in Thompson, OH
The Year was 1961 and after the engine exposion that
nearly cost him his life, Don Garlits decided to retire,
again. Connie Swingle replaced Don as the car driver and
drove Swamp Rat III to a world record 7.88 Sec-198.66
Mph.The car was ultimately lost in a crash and the car and
trailer destroyed in a drainage ditch in Savannah, GA.
Some pieces were recovered to use on the car now
resting in the museum
Price: $120
Highly Detailed Die -Cast Models for the Adult Collector